PFCO course approved by the CAA

To be able to operate a drone legally in the UK on a commercial basis, you are required to obtain a PFCO (Permission for commercial Operations) from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).   Osprey drone trainings course is set over 3 days and includes all of the required elements for you to obtain your permission to operate commercially in the UK.

Day 1

Air Law
UAS Operating Principles
Airmanship & Aviation Safety
Human Factors & Recap

Start - 08:00 - 17:30


Day 2


Navigational Charts
Aircraft Knowledge
Operational Procedures
Theory Test

Start - 08:00 - 18:30


Day 3


Operations Manual Workshop
Flight Planning Session
Practical Flight Test

Start - 08:00 - 17:00


Operations Manual

This part of the process is extremely important and without a fully completed operations manual, you can't apply to the CAA. We use the time in the workshop on day 3 to complete your operations manual and have it ready for submission, but also for your flight test.

The manual includes certain procedures that you will be required to follow during the test.
We will provide students with an operations manual template prior to the course, which can be filled in during the workshop.

Theory Test

The theory test is a closed book test, mainly consisting of multiple choice answers, there are a few long answer questions, but we will provide you with the information during the course.

Students will have 1 hour complete 40 questions, with a pass mark of 75%  Extra time of 10% can be allocated if it is required in certain circumstances, please contact us to discuss this.

If a student fails the test, then they will be eligible to re-sit a second paper for free. Any failure after that will incur a fee of £150 to re-sit a third test paper.


Practical Flight Test

The practical flight test is conducted on day 3 of the course.
The information for this can be found by click the link below. The page shows you the drills that we will test you on.


If you hold or have previously held a recognised pilot qualification then you could be exempt from the ground school and theory test. However, we have devised a set of 10 questions that require an 80% pass mark and they all relate to the use of RPAS.

If the student fails this test paper then they will be advised to complete the ground school.  Please contact us to discuss this further.

Helicopter pilot

Important information

Students must have valid insurance to take the flight assessment.
Coverdrone will provide ONE day FREE flight test insurance, or you can take out a 30 day training policy with them.
The 30 day Policy can be refunded back to any annual policy upon purchase of full insurance.

Please visit Coverdrone to obtain your flight test insurance


The CAA require an initial application fee, currently £253.
This money is paid directly to the CAA when applying for your permission.
The current scheme of charges can be found here