Dji Drone being flown

‘C’ Marked Drones

The new EASA regulations and current drones With the new regulations coming into force from July 1st 2020 throughout Europe, many operators have been left wondering if their current aircraft will still be valid after the 2 year transitional period. There are currently no ‘C’ Marked aircraft on the market […]

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DJI Mavic 2 next to sealing helicopter

Aircraft Deconfliction – PFCO Student

One of Osprey Drone Training’s students had a good opportunity to work alongside manned aviation for his flight test. He had to slot his flight test in around Sea King Sorties, which required good planning and a briefing with the chief pilot to ensure that they could deconflict. The student […]

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DJI Mavic 2 flying

Drone Registration go-live

***IMPORTANT NEWS FOR DRONE USE IN THE UK*** All drones weighing 250g to 20kg will require mandatory registration from the 30th Nov 2019.  The system will go live on the 5th November and will cost £9. Users will be required to take an online test to prove competence. Commercial operators will […]

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Drone Registration is coming

If you own or operate a drone in UK, then you should be aware of the coming registration.As from the 30th November drone registration will be mandatory, regardless if you are a hobby flier or a commercial operator. So if you do not resigner your drone, then you will be […]

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Man flying a drone

Updated CAP 722 documents

The Civil aviation authority have published a new set of guidance documents for the use of unmanned aircraft in UK airspace. The documents are split into 722, 722A and 722B (B is for NQE’s) The documents can be found here.

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Wessex 5 helicopter landed

Wessex 5

Heli Operations & Osprey Drone Training, saw a short display of the Wessex 5 helicopter along the runway at Portland Heliport. The aircraft landed on the airbase and then took to the runway a short time later to practise some manoeuvres. The great thing about the Osprey Drone Training training […]

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Be Safe Be legal!

Professional Wedding Photographer cautioned for illegal drone use. With huge improvements in drone technology in recent years, more and more people are starting to use drones for their commercial businesses but this currently requires a permission from the CAA, called a PFCO (Permission for commercial operations). As a result of […]

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DJI-Phantom 3- in-flight

Do I need a Licence to fly a drone in the UK?

Do I need a drone Licence? There is a common misconception within the UK on drone Licensing. UK drone pilots do not require a licence to fly drones, but they do require a Permission to operate commercially. This Permission is known as a PFCO – Permission for commercial operations. What’s […]

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V22 Osprey landing

Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

The V22 Osprey paid a visit to the Heli Operations base and that of Osprey drone training. Landing on the runway as part of their training that was being conducted in Portland Harbour

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