The new EASA regulations and current drones

DJI Mavic sat on rocks

With the new regulations coming into force from July 1st 2020 throughout Europe, many operators have been left wondering if their current aircraft will still be valid after the 2 year transitional period.

There are currently no ‘C’ Marked aircraft on the market to fit into the categories, but there is some suggestion that some of the current aircraft may fit within this scheme and will be able to hold a ‘C’ marking. This means that they will be able to be used within categories such as C2, which is great for anyone wishing to complete the certificate of competence. This also great for those wishing to use heavier aircraft like the inspire 2, as long as they are able to be retrospectively ‘C’ marked.

We received the following statement directly from DJI (The biggest drone manufacturer) on this matter;

Starting from June 2020, new rules will define the usage of drones within the European Union.

The EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) has not yet finalized the publication of certain standards regarding these regulations.

We are confident that many existing DJI products will be able to obtain CE marking and as such continue to be used also after the transition years. For those products that will not be able to obtain the new CE marking, the transition period provides a gradual phase out – and they will even still be allowed to be used in category C4 after 2022.

As this matter is ongoing, please understand that once the standards have been finalized we will have a better understanding for the usage of your products in the future.